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Sports and athletics are important in a student - sample of our essay in sport for student

Sports and athletics are important in a student’s schoolastic carrer even though some might argue the opposite. Some schools have it in their requirments and others just leave it as a choice. But these schools that leave sports as a choice dont know that they could be harming their students insead of helping, because these sports could unlock their student’s true potentail, improve their health, and teach them important skills to improve their educational experience.

Human beings in general underestimate themselves most of the time. They think that they are not up for a task but in in reality, they are more than capable of accompleshing this task. This is why requiring students to participate in sports could unlock their true potential. Surely the students might start slow but as they continue to progress through the sport, they will notice their improvments and decide to keep playing sports. Infact science has shown that noticing improvments in something triggers the brains rewared system; therefore, driving the humen to keep doing what its doing.

Moreover, when it comes to sports you can’t talk about it without mentioing the health benifits. Studies have shown that half an hour of practicing a sport can have mental and physical effects for up to 4 hours after the practice. So this practice can improve the student’s memory, clear their minds , and keep them focused. By this, these students will have better grades and learn better in other classes in their daily schedual. Not to forget about the physical effects which include staying energized through out the day, staying fit, and improve immunity to diseases. Which will keep the students happy and motivated to learn.

In addition, playing sports and being part of a team can really teach the students skills that will be valuable in their educational experience. Being part of a team in a sport can teach the students the team work skill. This can help the students get the optimal resultes on their group projects in class which will improve their grades. Also we all know that playing a sport requires and teaches desplin, this will drive the students to study harder on their homeworks and tets. Which will improve thier grades and their selfestem. Moreover, playing sports and endulging in competitions will drive the students to be more compitent. By being more compitent the students will give it their all to have higher grades and be the best at school.

In concusion, practicing a sport should be required at every school. it unleashes the students full potential, improves their health, and teaches them important skills. School systems and instructots should look more into sports in school. Students should be required to do thing sometimes for their own good, becuase the students of today are the builders of the future.