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While face-to-face sessions are the most effective, we also offer an Online Writing Lab (OWL), which can be accessed at .

You may e-mail your paper as an attachment to this site; tutors review the paper and return it to you via e-mail.

Things to send with your paper when you email it (don’t forget these or the tutors will send it back without comments!):

1. Your name

2. Your student ID

3. The class your assignment is for

4. The teacher of your class

5. The assignment description, as detailed as possible (the tutors need more information than “analysis essay” or “persuasive essay”; send a handout or detailed assignment your teacher gave).

6. Specific questions you have or things you want looked at

The tutors will give you a few suggestions to best serve you, but it will not be as complete or interactive as working face-to-face.

If you use this service, allow a few days for your paper to be reviewed. For example, if a paper is due on Friday, you should not wait until Thursday night to submit the paper to the Writing Center.